Sweet French Crepes

Sweet french crepes by Home Delish

Proper homemade, fresh, thin and sweet french crepes are unbeatable. So much so, I have been known to eat quite a few in a row and will happily whip some up instead of a dinner! A french crepe, to me, must be freshly made, thin and I like them sweet! My default topping is pretty much always a simple sprinkling of sugar and a squeeze of fresh lemon but I won’t hold it against you if you top yours with something else!

Once you have mastered crepes at home – which I promise is not hard at all! – you will probably never want to buy those thick floppy pre-made ‘crepes’ again. This version, is not exactly traditional but I like the addition of sugar and vanilla, it makes the crepes a proper sweet treat and not just a batter with something sweet on top!

Crepes are the kind of thing that are so easy to make at home as long as you have the basics – the right ingredients, a very shallow non stick pan and a thin spatula. But, if you are making a batch and are looking for consistent uniformed pancakes you really will need a crepe pan and a crepe spatula (both of which can be found relativity inexpensively).

Its really hard to say exactly how many pancakes you’ll get from any one recipe – depending on the size of your pan, how thick you make them and of course how many you mess up! So be prepared to have either too many or not enough, but with practice you’ll learn how much batter to make to suit you. I always “accidentally” make too many so I can have them again the next day!

Oh and one final thing – I always hand whisk my batter, it saves on pots but it can be hard to get it smooth so pay attention!

Ingredients – makes about 10

2 free range eggs
130g of plain flour, sifted
300ml of milk (whole or semi-skimmed is best)
Pinch of salt
Tablespoon of sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla exract
1 teaspoon of butter – melted

Oil for frying (rapeseed, sunflower, flavourless coconut or vegetable)

  1. Put your flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl, stir and make a well
  2. Crack your eggs into the well, add a splash of milk and the melted butter
  3. Whisk well into a think smooth paste (add little more milk if its getting too hard) this bit will take a little time
  4. Now slowly add the rest of the milk while whisking to make a lump free runny batter
  5. Add the vanilla extract, stir well and let it sit on the side for 10 -15 mins
  6. Heat the pan on a medium to high heat, you want your pan pretty hot but not smoking! Using a silicone brush or some kitchen roll spread a little oil on the pan and quickly pour a small amount of batter on to the middle of the pan (using a ladle) and quickly tilt and swirl the pan so that the batter spreads forming a thin but ‘complete’ layer – don’t be afraid to fill any holes or gaps with a tiny bit of extra batter
  7. Fry for 30-40 seconds and flip. Fry for a further 30 seconds or util golden (be careful not to fry for too long or your crepe will go crispy and you will struggle to fold or roll it)
  8. Remove off the pan – serve immediately or start stacking on a plate (slightly off centre to stop them sticking together)
  9. Enjoy with you favourite toppings!

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    Nice recipe

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