Overnight Sourdough Pancakes in Grams!

Like many others, the sudden shortage of dried bakers yeast during the COVID 19 lockdown forced me to try my hand at sourdough baking (something I had been putting off for years). Seven months and many many failed attempts at a decent looking loaf later – I had a thriving sourdough starter that I refuse to give up on.

So… naturally I turned to other sourdough recipes. And sourdough pancakes are hands down my favourite!

We like our sourdough pancakes with crispy bacon, strawberries and maple syrup

I love pancakes but have never been able to make soft fluffy ones without the faff of whisking egg whites and sorts, so when I tried these I vowed to never eat normal pancakes again! (Dramatic declaration I know!).

Only problem… try finding a good simple recipe on Pinterest NOT in US cups! I challenge you! I finally got round to converting the measurements, so you don’t have to!

Now this recipe involves leaving a milk, flour and sourdough mix overnight on the counter – sounds scary but please stick with it! Its completely safe if you have a good strong starter – Its all in the science! The starter’s microorganism of good bacteria keeps the bad at bay!

If you want to ensure a soft fluffy result, don’t over work the mixture. You want to combine your ingredients well but gently, avoiding creating too much gluten. That’s what makes pancakes tough and cakey.

Ingredients Serves 4

150g Sourdough Starter
200g Plain flour
250 ml Milk (full fat or semi skimmed works best)
2 Eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder
30g butter
Pinch if salt
25g Caster sugar
1tsp Vanilla exact (optional)
1 tsp Cinnamon (optional)
Oil for cooking ( I like to use flavourless coconut oil spray)

1. The night before: in a large bowl, mix together the starter, flour and milk, being careful not to over work it. Cover loosely with clingfilm and leave on the counter overnight.

2. By the morning your mixture will have puffed up and have some bubbles on the surface. This is good.

3. Melt your butter, while it cools; lightly beat the eggs and remaining ingredients into a small bowl.

4. Slowly pour the mixture into the sourdough mix, gentle fold it in by hand, followed by the melted butter

5. Heat your pan to a fairly moderate heat, lightly grease it – I like to use coconut oil spray.

5. Spoon a good ladle size amount of batter on to the pan for each pancake. The batter will be very thick so don’t expect perfectly round pancakes – you can use a kitchen ring if you like though.

6. Fry until you start to see bubbles on the top, they will also have risen by this point too. Flip gently and fry for a little longer, until you get a nice colour on them. Regrease the pan between pancakes

7. Serve immediately with your favourite toppings or keep warm in the oven (unstacked) while you make the rest.

8. Enjoy.

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