Cheats Croque Monsieur

It’s cold, you’re feeling under the weather – or maybe you just fancy something calorfically tasty. This quick cheats version of the croque monsieur is bound to hit the spot. Go on have two…

copyright-2016-home-delish-8A traditional croque monsieur can be surprisingly laborious to make with the béchamel sauce and the nutmeg etc… this simple speedy recipe, I think, gives you all the same gooey flavoursome goodness you want but with much less effort!

Ingredients (serves 2 as a snack)

Bread – 4 slices of, its gotta be the good stuff!
Ham – two thick slices of good quality ham
Cheese – about 140g or 4 large slices of your choice (Gruyère, Emmental, Cheddar or Maasdam  are best)
Butter – if desired
Wholegrain mustard  – about a tea spoon for each sandwich
Mayonnaise – about a flat table spoon for each sandwich
Salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Grill – pop your grill on now so its nice and hot
2. Cheese – if you are grating cheese or need to slice get that done now
3.  Mustard and mayo – mix togther in small bowl and season
4. Bread – slice your bread into 4 even, fairly thick slices, lightly toast (this helps stop your sandwich going too soggy). Butter one side of each if you are using butter
5. Bottom slice – now place the ham on the buttered side of one of your slices and top with cheese
6.  Top slice – spread the mayo mixture on to each slice and cover with cheese. You should now have 4 slices of bread side by side, 2 with ham and cheese on and 2 with mayo and cheese…yes?  Good – carry on… Do not stack these up yet!
7. Grill – without stacking these up, place the 4 slices under the grill until the cheese is melted and starting to go a lovely golden brown
8. Serve – remove from the grill, place the mayo and cheese topped slice onto your ham and cheese slice. Give your sandwiches a minute of so to settle before eating – the cheese will be hot!
9. Enjoy.

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