Open Sandwiches ‘Kanapka’

Open sandwiches kanapkaThis is another one of those things I just grew up with and never thought twice about. The ‘kanapka’ – which roughly translates to sandwich-  seems to be very much an Eastern European thing, though they do have some history in the UK from the middle ages where slabs of bread were used as plates (some food history for you!) –  these days it seems Brits are more comfortable with putting things “on toast” rather than fresh bread or making the more modern and rightly named two slice sandwich.

By my calculations, bread whether gluten free or normal is quite calorific – so why waste calories on it when you can have double the toppings!?

You can pretty much put anything on your kanapka, and because they’re open they can look fantastically colourful and tasty; so as well as a snack or lunch they make a great and cheap spread for a party!

The Bread
The trick to the very best open sandwiches is using fresh quality crusty bread – floppy sliced packet bread just won’t cut it! You’ll be fighting to keep the whole thing together. Of course I recommend in the first instance a proper loaf of traditional polish bread, but rye bread, ciabatta, french baguette or a fresh crusty loaf will work just fine.

Needless to say- making these fresh is best – if you let them stand around too long your toppings will start to make the bread soggy – and that’s just not as satisfying to eat.

Here are some topping ideas:

Ham, mustard, gherkin, tomato and red onion
Salmon, boiled egg and chives
Cheese, tomato, spring onion
Beef, horseradish and rocket
Cream cheese and salmon
Cottage cheese and chives
Avocado and boiled eggs (maybe even some bacon!)
Sauerkraut, pastrami and mustard
Sliced chicken, tomato and mayo
Tomato, mozzarella, pesto and basil

Enjoy stacking! 


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