8 Kitchen tools I can’t live without!

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Collecting kitchen tools and gadgets can be a dangerous thing to start (trust me I know – we HAD to extend our kitchen just make more cupboard space!). Over the years I have bought or been gifted loads of gadgets, gizmos and tools – many of them used once never to be seen again! But there are a handful that get used over and over again and these days I could not imagine cooking without them! Here they are!

  1. Potato Ricer
    Forget lumpy stodgy mash and achy arms! A potato ricer produces THE best fluffy soft mash with very little effort. (There’s a scientific reason for this but I won’t bore you with the details!) Don’t be fooled by its name though – it’s not just for potatoes! I’ve used it to make baby food, mash root veg, remove excess water from foods. Crush large garlic, making short noodles, crushing biscuits… I promise you, your family and dinner guests will be complimenting you on your mash for years!
  2. Kitchen Tongs
    Seriously, what on earth did I do before I got some of these? Oh I know, struggle, ruin food, burn myself and generally throw food around the pan! I have two sets these days, one silicone to protect my non stick pans and one metal for extra ‘pincing’ control! If you have to choose – go for a silicone all rounder. Turning sausages and getting an even brown will never be the same again! A really cheap and useful addition to your utensil draw.
  3. Knife sharpener
    I do not have a particularly expensive set of knives (shocker!) – but I do have a knife sharpener. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices! I use the kind where you drag the knife through a V shaped blade, it was under £10 and is very small. There is nothing more satisfying than cutting and chopping with a sharp knife it makes me feel all cheffy! I will say though, if you have posh set of knives you’ll want an appropriate sharpener or stones so you don’t ruin your blades!
  4. Measuring spoons
    I’ve had multiple sets and versions of these – but you can’t beat a stainless steel set linked together so you don’t loose them! One of things I teach in my classes is measures! Normally, I am not too fussed about weights and measures its just not my style – but in some recipes, especially when baking – measures can be the difference between a cooking fete or a cooking fail! A teaspoon of yeast is just that a teaspoon measure – no more no less and it’s actually 3.12g so using the spoon you stir your tea with just won’t cut it!
  5. Kitchen rings
    Now, I know these sound fancy, well maybe they are a little – but adding a bit of glamour to your plate is great when hosting a dinner party (or just treating yourself!) and can really help you hone your presentation skills. As well as using them for layering, stacking and making potato or rice towers, I also use my kitchen rings for poaching eggs, making crumpets, muffins, pancakes, cutting pastry and dough. If you’re calorie conscious they are also great for helping with portion control!
  6. Stand mixer
    Don’t let the thought of a stand mixer frighten you! I put off getting one for years and then… I got one as a gift! Forget the excuses – they’re too big, too expensive, too ugly – it just won’t fly. The choice these days is amazing ranging from entry level and professional ones to beautiful ones and space saving ones. Make sure you get one with a good range of attachments and you’ll soon be wondering what you did with out it!
  7. Bread machine
    OK, so this one IS a bit of a luxury especially as I don’t actually use it to make bread… In my defence it was given to me as a gift and I DID make bread in it for a good year when I was experimenting with gluten free, until I realised oven baked bread really was better. I like to have a fresh loaf at home regularly, but these days working full time, being a mum and you know being on the internet all the time I don’t always have the time to wait around for dough to rise… and then rise again. I use the dough setting on my bread machine – yes its true I cheat (not always mind!), that way I know that my dough will be ready to shape in 90 mins regardless of how hot or cold the the room is. Genius right?
  8. Nutri Bullet and/or Food Processor
    Yeah alright, I know… that’s technically 9! I would like to say that I could happily go with just one, but on reflection, I can’t. The Nutri Bullet offers a quick (and I mean quick!), easy to clean and powerful method of blitzing and milling pretty much anything. I use it to make a quick pesto, making nut flours, bread crumbs, baby puree (back in the day), smoothies, fruit purees and loads more! But if I need to make a quick pasta dough, pastry or cooking for more than two the food processor comes out of the cupboard. And it comes out a surprising amount! Mine comes with a grating attachment that makes light work of grating large amounts of cheese and vegetables.

What kitchen tools do you love?

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