Freezing Fresh Herbs

Chopping frozen herbsI love fresh herbs, nothing beats how they look and smell in a dish and I always try to have some on standby.  I’ve never had that much luck with growing them myself mind; rosemary, thyme, parsley and coriander seem to survive but my favourite – basil never quite works out.  I often buy those potted fresh herbs you can buy from the supermarket and they’re great for garnishes and making your food look awesome, but some recipes require larger amounts and you could end up paying more in herbs than meat! So I always have fresh herbs chopped and frozen – yes frozen! My mum always did this so it never seemed unusual to me.

Just like vegetables, if you freeze them straight away it locks in all the flavour and goodness and – sooo much better than dried herbs and worth the effort when you can make your week night dinner that little bit nicer with very little effort!

Chop ‘em – bag ‘em- label ‘em.

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